Savage Garden

A Thousand Words
Affirmation - Radio Edit
Affirmation (Live)
All Around Me
Animal Song
Chained to You
Chained To You - Live
Crash & Burn
Crash and Burn - Live
Fire Inside The Man
Gunning Down Romance
Gunning Down Romance - Live
Gunning Down Romance (Drum and Bass mix)
Hold Me - Live
I Don't Know You Anymore
I Don't Know You Anymore - Live
I Knew I Loved You
I Knew I Loved You - Live
I'll Bet He Was Cool
Love Can Move You
Tears of Pearls - Tears on the Dancefloor mix
The Animal Song
The Best Thing - Live
This Side Of Me
to the moon back
To the Moon and Back (Hani's Num radio edit)
Truly Madly Deeply
Truly Madly Deeply - Night Radio Mix
Two Beds & A Coffee Machine
You Can Still Be Free - Live
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